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Prices & Portions

The pricing guide below provides information on the average spend based on previous commissions. The final price for your bespoke wedding cake will depend on the number of portions required, the complexity of the design and intricacy of the handmade decorations so please contact us here to receive a formal quotation.

The portion guide is based on a standard wedding serving of 1”x1”x5” finger portions. Each tier is approximately 5” deep with with 4 layers of sponge and three layers of filling.

Please note that there is a minimum charge of £550 for weddings in 2024.


Fully Iced (fondant) Wedding Cakes

3 Tier 4”/6”/8”  serving approximately 70 guests - from £575 (average spend £650-£750)

3 Tier 6”/8”/10”  serving approximately 120 guests - from £625 (average spend £700-£800)

4 Tier 4”/6”/8”/10” serving approximately 130 guests - from £675 (average spend (£800-£1000)

Buttercream Cakes


3 Tier 4”/6”/8”  from £450 (average spend £450-£550)

3 Tier 6”/8”/10”  from £500 (average spend £500-£600)

4 Tier 4”/6”/8”/10”  from £550 (average spend £550-£700)


Please note we do not offer buttercream cakes from July to October due to the issues warmer weather can pose to these cakes.


The image below gives an approximate portion guide for finger portions (1” by 1” slice) and Dessert portions (1” by 2” slice). You can have larger slices if you prefer, but you will need a bigger cake! 

Wedding Cake portion guide
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